The Three Sales Cycles: Part 1, The Chase

Ah, the chase.

How do we get on to the Referral Cycle rather than live in the Chase Cycle?

How do we become interesting?

Let’s kill one sales technique to make room for one that actually works.


“I’m not here to change your mind.

I’m here to make you look at things slightly differently.”-Michael J. Maher



The chase cycle is the current sales technique so many realtors get caught up in. (Do you really want to be known as the realtor who chases clients?)

This automatically triggers a “fight or flight” response in the client. We all know what happens next-they avoid, running AWAY from you or they fight to have the upper hand and last word.



“Ok, we see the problem but what other way is there?” you ask.


ANSWER: Quit chasing and focus on attracting.



A realtor who puts all their efforts into generosity attracts people (people they want to work with) because they are seen as an ally rather than a nuisance.

Proactive generosity leads to -> a cycle of reciprocity and -> more referrals. The beauty of the referral cycle is that it’s indefinite.



Listen to this interview I did on The Three Sales Cycles to learn more. How To Grow Your Business to $1 Million with Referrals.






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