you, You, YoU, YOU!

Hey Ambassadors!

This is an actual letter I wrote to a friend. This friend has let a lot of external factors get in her head. Perhaps you can relate. She’s knocked down and not knowing where to turn to next. She’s not suicidal, but just down and out. With her permission, I am compelled to share this with you today…

“Dear (friend),

Today, I want you to think about something. I cannot change your life, only you can change your life… but perhaps I can change the way you look at your life.

Go from you to You by finding your Y.

Right now, you are just feeling like you – lower case y-o-u. you are seeing the negative, you are mired in misery, and you are thinking only about yourself. your thoughts are on survival, your motivation is desperation, and your results are minimal at best. Shake it off. Here’s the cure to your ills: it’s easy – and it won’t cost you a dime. Help someone else. Get your thoughts off yourself and help another. Then do it again. Then do it again. Help one person today. Help them across the street. Help them smile. Help them by connecting them to an influencer. Help them by introducing them to a friend. Don’t reach out for a hand out. Reach your hand out to help. I promise it will help you. That’s the beauty of the Generosity Generation and helping. You can’t help another without helping yourself! Trust me on this. Take a moment to think of someone you could help (and that is anyone). Think of how you could help them. Then do it. Do it now. Because, you see, this is what you were meant to be. This is what you were born to do. This is your Y.

Your why (Y) is what motivates You. In fact, once you discover your Y, you go from you to You. By helping others, you find your value. You HAVE massive value in this world – a world full of people you can help. You are strong, secure, steady, and steadfast. You are loyal to yourself. You can make decisions easily and quickly because You know what makes You tick and what makes You… You. When you know how to help others, you now have the beginnings of your Why.

What is YOUR why?

Write down these questions:

Why did I choose my profession?

Then write down, “What is important about (helping others, making a living, earning money, getting back at your dad, etc.)?” and then ask yourself, “What is important about (that)?”

Give yourself some really strong alone time to find out what makes You tick.

How do you want to be remembered when you die?

What is your “life’s slogan”?

What will your epitaph be? What 12 words will go on your tombstone? A great coach can help you with this. Mine is “If you give Michael an ounce of interest, he’ll give you a ton of love.”

Once You have established your Y – your ability, talent, and capacity to help others – You begin to see the world differently. You begin to ask, “Why not You?” YoU. (o = zero = not).

Go from You to YoU by acknowledging your value.

So YoU? Since YoU know your Y, you see that anything that aligns with your Y should be yours. Why not YoU to get that promotion? Why not YoU to get that new subdivision? Why not YoU to get that award? Why not YoU to be successful? YoU start to see life as a world full of opportunities rather than a world full of obstacles. YoU start asking, “Why not me?” and it starts to come out like this, “Why not me?… No, wait a second… WHY NOT ME?!!” YoU DESERVE SUCCESS. YoU DESERVE RESULTS, REWARDS, AWARDS, HAPPINESS, HOPE, BEAUTY, TALENT, INTELLIGENCE, LOVE… Why not YoU? Seriously! After continuously seeing that the fruits of your labor should come to YoU and DO come to YoU, YoU become YOU! And a light begins to shine.

Go from YoU to YOU! by letting your light shine!

YoU? Why not YoU? Well, it is YOU! YOU! is where the light shines so brightly that everyone is attracted to it. YOU! is this beacon of beauty, this lighthouse of love, that gives and gives and gives so much value that it could never be re-paid. And yet when you might have wanted to take, might have wanted to keep score, or might have wanted to see the reciprocation, YOU! doesn’t care. YOU! just continues to give. The light shines brighter, the love comes easier, more people and opportunities are attracted to YOU!, YOU! are attracted to and love YOU!, YOU! don’t have time for pettiness, drama, hype, sensationalism, newscasts, or gossip. YOU! only have time for brilliance, excellence, exciting projects and opportunities, ideas, and people who get it done. YOU! have time for learning, implementing, failing, and evaluating (LIFE!). YOU! think. YOU! love. YOU! work. YOU! help. YOU! give. YOU! receive. YOU! appreciate! YOU! profit! YOU! prosper! YOU! LIVE!

YOU realize that YOU were born for a reason. YOU were born to serve the world. Drowning in self-sabotage, participating in self-pity, spreading the gossip, or dragging others into drama does not serve the world. Giving, loving, and LIVING your life to its fullest and most beautiful serves the world. Helping others, bringing value to others, and being a friend serves the world. Shining your light as bright as possible by filling your mind with brilliance, your heart with love, and your life with positive people serves the world. YOU is who I know. YOU is who I see. YOU is inside YOU ready to burst out. When is now the time for YOU? NOW is the time for YOU.”

Complete this evolution: you, You, YoU, YOU!

I love and appreciate YOU!


Your Coach – Michael


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