are you ALL-IN?!?

Hey Ambassadors!

I hope you had a terrific Memorial Day Weekend and are ready to finish May strong!

Today’s Weekly WOW! is around a subject that is near and dear to my heart – AND a key instrument to my success in business. Are you listening?

Go ALL-IN with your Clients!

Yet another reminder today, that your best coach, your best mentor, your best sounding board… is your client. You can learn the most by asking your clients about their expectations and experiences. Ask individually (Survey) and ask collectively (focus group) just make sure you ask.







Ask your clients questions about your business, Listen closely – hear the music as well as the words, Learn from those conversations, Implement what they suggest (no matter how outlandish), and then Notify them of the findings.

Go ALL-IN and you will get support, advice, and eye-opening ideas that will grow your business (and change your mind). Perhaps most importantly, an Army of Ambassadors will take on a level of ownership of your business’ success and start spreading the word about you and your business. Which client are you going to call first? I know who I’m calling…


Your Coach – Michael


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