Introducing our Certified Referral Trainers!

Last week our First Certified Referral Trainers class took place in Atlanta, GA. We hosted 34 professionals and their guests. Celebrate their success with us!

Our Founding Class experienced intense, in-depth training for the (7L) system, public-speaking skills, and how to teach all lead by Michael. After full days of hands-on training, mental and physical challenges and vast improvement, our Referral Trainers were able to socialize and network with each other as well as special surprise guests.


While at the event this outstanding group generated over 66 referrals, made numerous connections and took full advantage of the top-notch networking opportunities.


The amount of dedication, talent and passion for teaching others how to prosper from a referral-based business was extremely rewarding and exciting to witness. These confident speakers are available for hire to coach on a variety of topics. A majority of the group also opted for a Mastery Course for continuous improvement.


Michael (unfortunately) cannot be everywhere at once but we still believe in the value of face-to-face connections. CRTs will provide MASSIVE value to and help to fill this need we’ve seen grow over the last few years.

CRTs will assist in promo tours, office visits, webinar or phone meetings and other needed guest appearances. They are available for coaching, training, speaking and influence.


These individuals are certified to teach the top referral generating systems in the world. If you are interested in hiring a CRT, please email


We are proud to introduce our
Certified Referral Trainers Founders Club!

Christina Bentley…St. Augustine, FL

Cici Bower…San Jose, CA

Connie Carlson…Marietta, GA

Tara Carter…Coral Springs, FL

Sarah Chatel…Atlanta, GA

Peter Chatel…Atlanta, GA

Shakeima Chatman…Charleston, SC

Raejean (RJ) Christopher…Gilbert, AZ

Shel-lee Davis…Long Beach, CA

Rita Driver…Arlington, TN

Tammy Ebright…Kansas City, MO

Darla Evanoff…Oklahoma City, OK

Matt Ferrelli…Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Shannon Gilmore…Purcellville, VA

Wendy Griffis…Jacksonville Beach, FL

Jeremy Higgins…Davis, CA

Jill Hoogendyk…Phoenix, AZ

Tim Kister…Troy, MO

Laurie Knudson…Annandal, MN

Linda Maurice…Chandler, AZ

Don McNaughton…Fayateville, AR

Grant Muller…Denver, CO

Sheryl Nolan…Alpharetta, GA

Karla Pierskalla…Avon, Minnesota

Josh Purvis…Maryville, TN

Russell Rich…Lewisville, TX

John Riley…West Boyleston, MA

Roger Savy…Peteluma, CA

Jennifer Scarpero…Atlanta, GA

Tony Scarpero…Atlanta, GA

Neal Smith…Sacramento, CA

Arnel Tanyag…Virginia Beach, VA

Brandon Tracy…Phoenix, AZ


Congratulations to these new members on investing in yourself as well as others. The Generosity Generation is in great hands with you leading the way!





PS: If you would like to hire a CRT or are interested in our next CRT class please email

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