Creativity and That Ridiculous Box

I was reading this month’s issue of Success Magazine and, ironically enough, the Brain Games article gave me some inspiration. I highly recommend reading what Cecilia Meis wrote. She’s also a KC native…not that I’m biased…

It’s as if every human craves (even a little bit) that special creative intuition. The feeling of coming up with a brand new idea. Something that people will LOVE and get excited about. Curiosity and creativity are simply human nature.


Creativity doesn’t just mean arts & crafts or graphic design. It’s not just for characters in Mad Men or the genius of musicians. It also fuels problem solving.


I’m constantly thinking, writing, improving but what really inspires me to create and share is You. Your suggestions, your questions, materials you’re looking for. Let’s create it so we can give it away.

Try this:

  1. What’s the craziest idea you’ve ever had? Judgement, price, time are not a factor. What is that idea?
  2. What’s the worst and the best thing that could come from that?
  3. What’s the unusual? What’s the insane? What’s the scariest? What’s the most energizing?
  4. Why isn’t someone else already doing this?

You might surprise yourself. We’re so used to being confined by restraints or reality that we don’t let ourselves wonder or wander.



As a kid, or babysitting kids, you’ve probably heard ‘I’m bored’. To which you’d get the response “Only boring people are bored” or worse, “You’re bored? Well, you can always clean the bathroom.”

All of a sudden you found something to do!

Because you were presented a situation with you wanted to avoid, you got creative and found a solution you were excited to go to as quickly as possible.



Our #30Mornings participants are waking up earlier, many disrupting their nighttime routine, and are surprised at how much more they’re getting done. By getting their minds ready, they are spurring creative movement.

Our CATALYST*s, who were once cold calling and door knocking, joined a community of others and are taking chances on things they have never done before. They face the astonishment from colleagues that they’re dropping all paid advertising. They are putting that money toward providing meals in their community. They’re getting creative with this new found freedom.


Even if it feels silly, do something different today.

  • Create a physical or digital ‘vision board’ of favorite logos, funny pictures, your dream car/house, a plate of food arranged differently than you’ve ever seen.
  • Visit a new restaurant or coffee shop. Try something you’ve never tried.
  • Rearrange your office. This doesn’t have to be a full day event, just tilt your desk, stand up to type or switch photos around. Bringing in air diffusers or wall plug-ins to spur your calm and creative side. (Try cinnamon, vanilla or orange/citrus.)
  • Bring some fun in. Bring a squishy ball. A mini Lego set. An ‘odd one out’ photo. One of those fidget spinners…if you dare.
  • Tear or print a page from your favorite book. Frame it, tape it, stick a pin in it.

Get rid of that box. Don’t worry about that box. There is no box. There are no limits.


What is the most creative thing you did to get a piece of land sold? Looking forward to your comments!



Your Coach, Michael



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