Get a Referral…TODAY!


Hey Ambassadors!


Who can you think to share this with in the Bay Area?



Are you looking to get a referral today?

Did you do your 1st & 10 this morning?



If not (yet), here are some helpful hints to get started:


1) Who is the first one you think of when I say, “loving”? Call them.

2) Who is your favorite current client? Call them.

3) Who is your least favorite current client? Call them.

4) Who was referred to you this weekend? Call them.

5) Who was your last referral source? Call them.

6) Who connected, introduced, or referred you to THAT referral source? Call them.

7) Who is your best referral source to date? Call them.

8) Who did you meet One-on-One with last week? Call them.

9) Who is the happiest person you know? Call them.

10) Who is the most positive person you know? C.A.L.L. T.H.E.M!


With this type of start, the momentum you will feel will boost you through the day.



Blessings, my Friends, blessings!


P.S. Did you get your bonus code for #GenGenBayArea?

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