Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and which one is right for you

One of the most common questions I get is: “What is the Best Database to Use?”

“What CRM works best with (7L)?”

“I’m currently using ____ but I’m frustrated. What else is there?”


{The Best Database/CRM in the world is the one you will use!} 

Not what you were hoping to hear? Stick with me.

What is your current database not doing that you want a database to do? Is it not doing those things because of the limitations of the software or because we just a) don’t need them or b) haven’t mastered our current tool to that point?


Please hear me out… Business is simple. Big production, big revenues, big profits are simple. Why complicate things?




I love pen and paper. I love Excel. It’s what makes sense to me. It’s where I go every single day. I didn’t have a learning curve and I was able to jump right in. If you are starting out, I highly recommend getting organized here.

Generosity Generation members have also mentioned InTouch or Microsoft Office 365.

No matter what you will need to grade your database according to (7L). Now you are ready to go.

Quick note: If you aren’t willing to pay for a CRM, you’ll want to be solid with the above. A majority of the CRMs below will range in prices.




If you want to stay simple (all contacts in one place, track notes/interactions, and to-do’s, including reminders), then something like LessAnnoyingCRM is great. Other CRMs that cover the basics are Base and Solve360.

If you have a lot of contact info you want to store, we’ve heard Batchbook as a suggestion.

If your needs go beyond the basic contact management, there are more complex systems such as Zoho and Salesforce.

If you’re looking to bucket your contacts, Contactually has been referred as a platform to easily implement the (7L) System you are already familiar with. My Calendar has also been referred since it connects easily.



The Final Decision: What’s your process?

The tool is less important than the system you use to reach people. Think of your favorite strategies in (7L): The Great ReTrace. Handwritten Notes. The Guaranteed Response Email.

There is absolutely, positively no tool, no technology, no social media, no app that will make you a top producer, give you an edge, or serve as the magic pill.

Technology exists for the simple reason that it is a tool to leverage so you can build better relationships, serve more clients, and have MORE interaction with people. Somewhere in today’s “digital age” this message has been forgotten. You don’t need to change your database… you need to change your Communication! The Best CRM in the World is not a software or technology… it’s a person.

As with many things in life, it won’t work if you don’t!

REMINDER: None of them will do you any good if you don’t use them…



There have been many suggestions over the years but the field of business improvement is always changing and always improving. Let’s get updated.

I’d like your advice. Comment below with the following:

1) What database/CRM do you use?

2) Rate it on a SCALE of 1 to 10 with 1 being Poor and 10 being Perfect CRM. Go…






PS: Keep an eye on for upcoming 2018 events!

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I am about to test drive Wiseagent CRM. I went through it in a demo and it has lots of possibilities and syncs with Docusign and BombBomb to name a few. It also syncs calendars with Google and many other formats. I would love to hear feedback from anyone using it.

I do use Top Producer, It is very in depth, my primary agent does not like it, (might be just that it is my choice of CRM) but he claims it is not intuitive enough, too many steps to get from one task to another. I like it and have used for a very long time, I do not use it anywhere to its capacity. I do like that that it helps track listings, closings, and people very well. All systems evolve around garbage in garbage out principal

Infusionsoft … the software is an 8 and I’m in the 3-4 range at it.

Currently, I use Referral Maker but I’m waiting for you to bring out one.

I use pipedrive – I use it for my deals. But I also use it for my 7L. It has email templates. I set activities etc. The normal things a CRM does.

I used Contactually for couple of years. It helps me implement the 7L system very well. I have pipelines for my Top YAP and my YAP, not only for potential clients. I can customize the programs and my needs.

Are you able to make mailing labels with partners with different names easily off it?

I like Mortgagequest. Basic, simple, easy with integration abilities and helps implement the 7L system very well. I’d put it at a 10.

Our office charges us to use Moxie…grade 2. No way.
I pay to use Wise Agent but very clunky grade 2.
Just wrapping up my free trial in Contactually grade 8 BUT am told it still cannot make mailing labels which have partners or partners with different names.
Why is that so difficult for a CRM to do? Does anyone know of a CRM that can make mailing labels easily with soousal or partner names?
There is a HUGE need for someone to fill.

I use LionDesk and rate it 8 out of 10

I use LionDesk and rate it 8/10

Excited to read these and get everyone’s reviews for choosing a great CRM!

I’ve read great things about Realvolve: And from Active Rain and Inman.

I’ve used Top Producer since it was a DOS system… It is flexible in the ways I need it to be flexible, and has allowed me to categorize and communicate with my different groups just fine. I agree it is not intuitive. There’s a learning curve which is “interesting” whenever I change assistants.
We are adding Commissions Inc shortly because it looks like that offers more web connectivity. And yet I will probably never dispense completely with TP.

I use Top Producer and rate it an 8 out of 10.

I previously used Top Producer but since I’ve been a solo agent w/KW I’ve used E-Edge. It works well for my needs and is included in my monthly office bill 🙂

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