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Michael J. Maher designed a system, the (7L) System, based around a philosophy of generosity. 

He, and those who have implemented the system, have found that a business based on generosity leads to reciprocity in the form of referrals, help, and good will far beyond anything they could ever imagine. As Michael says, “It’s a living worth living. It’s a living worth loving.” After sharing this philosophy and system in the International Bestseller (7L) The Seven Levels of Communication: Go from Relationships to Referrals, Michael with no plans for speaking, coaching, or training was instantly inundated with requests to teach the system. Now thousands upon thousands of professionals see him speak, attend his events, and go through these trainings every year.


Sheri Maher 2016
VP of Operations
Director of Marketing & Communications


Founded in January 2018 by Best Selling Author, Coach and Speaker, Michael J. Maher, Certified Referral Trainers (CRT) are the world’s leading speakers and teachers on referrals.CRT’s nationwide lead their training on strategies from (7L):The Seven Levels of Communication to create a prosperous business through Love, Generosity and Appreciation.

Your 15 Minutes to Prosperity Schedule Your Complimentary Strategy Call Today


  • YOU get the 3 Most Powerful Referral-Generating questions of all time
  • YOU LEARN the absolute best USE OF YOUR NETWORKING TIME and WHERE TO MEET NEW PEOPLE to maximize your first impressions
  • YOU will have a business that NOT ONLY FEEDS YOUR FAMILY, but also FEEDS YOUR SOUL
  • YOU get to meet and network with other like-minded REFERRAL PARTNERS who can help propel your referral   business
  • YOU learn to GET REFERRALS without even having to ask
Your 15 Minutes to Prosperity Schedule Your Complimentary Strategy Call Today


Michael is in demand.

A nationally-recognized speaker, he has spoken at international conferences such as KW MegaCamp, STAR POWER, RE/MAX, Realty Executives, and the National Association of REALTORS®. He’s been on Wells Fargo Video, RE/MAX Satellite Network (RSN Live!), NBC, CBS, and Fox. Michael has wowed crowds at many state and regional REALTOR® associations and trained brokerages at all major national franchises as well as independent brokerages. His audiences have included Realtors, mortgage professionals, financial planners, entrepreneurs, doctors, and CEOs.

Your 15 Minutes to Prosperity Schedule Your Complimentary Strategy Call Today
Your 15 Minutes to Prosperity Schedule Your Complimentary Strategy Call Today



I received a referral from a client I sold to last October. They have another home to sell.


I’ve been feeling a little concerned because it takes me longer to learn new concepts but I refuse to give up. Yesterday, we received a referral from a customer we helped last year and today we received a referral from a customer that closed on 11 days ago and they are buying cash. Watching our efforts and daily affirmations come to life! Thank you MJM!


Received a referral today from a past buyer who has now become a friend.


I got three referrals yesterday…If you haven’t tried yesterday’s assignment, DO IT!!!! Unless you don’t like happiness and money, or something.


Last week, I gave 10 referrals and received 3 referrals. I have two listing appointments this week and I can’t wait to partner with these homeowners to create a unique strategy to sell their homes!


.. after a 30 min phone conversation got an appt. after meeting in person got a listing contract signed!! I always say if we can just get in front of people we can win their business with the tools we’ve been given…Thanks Michael for the nuggets!!


YES! I have booked three one on ones! 🙂


When you follow through, IT WORKS!!! As evidenced by an email I just received from a new client…”The personal handwritten letter sent last year sold me in interest and the first phone calls solidified it. Thank you for working so hard. We recognize and appreciate it!!”


… In 2016 we closed about $35MM in volume — in large part due to coaching with Michael J Maher. 80% of our business is repeat and referral…Another agent friend that Michael introduced me to used this strategy and went from 7 to over 220 reviews in about 8 months.


I did accelerate for the month of December and was super busy as a result. Referrals flooded in. Listings, buyers – was like spring market in the winter.


I did Accelerate in December.. I loved how it kept me focused through the crazy holiday month. I am a newer agent and it kept me on track. I had my first transaction in December as a result. I had more activity on my Facebook page than ever before with lots of referrals in and out.


Our office is buzzing and excited to learn from the best!!


Anything pertaining to Michael. J. Maher is a great investment!


This man knows the power of REFERRALS! “Quality over Quantity!” I’m excited about what the future will bring #Catalyst.


Michael J. Maher is at it again! 7L is at it again!


Always a great was to get motivated when you start your day with Michael J. Maher..Thank YOU Michael.


Awesome day at Rogers Healy and Associates. Had the pleasure of sitting through a training class with Michael J Maher, #1 International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer! Jam packed two hours of awesomeness!


<3 7L!


Love that book! (7L)


…Maher’s book was a mentorship tool I used in India and something that shaped my communication with everyone!


Anyone who knows me knows I mention this great man’s name at least ten times a day and encourage people to download his Audible version of The Seven Levels of Communication!!! I am probably one of his biggest fans and honored to know him!!! You can also order his book on Amazon … if you are in any sales position … SIMPLY DO WHAT I SAY AND READ THIS BOOK … it will change your business and help you immensely! I love being able to teach and coach and refer everyone to these concepts and strategies !!


Meeting you, Michael J. Maher, had truly changed my perspective in life AND business. I LOVE being your friend and am forever grateful!


Have listened to this book so many times. Every time I “hear” something new depending on where I am in life/biz. Love it!


Your coaching has been most effective at keeping me focused on the goals that match my core values. I am blessed in that abundant opportunities are not in shortage in my life, but learning how to discriminate and say no to the ones that are not a fit has been my biggest challenge. I am so grateful for your guidance in learning how to choose. And because of that, I am on track to have my biggest and best year ever, by far! Thank you!


The coaching I have received is customized to the issues I am dealing with specifically in my business. Michael provides a high level of coaching not only for my real estate business, but also for being a leader and business owner.


Less than 24 hours after my first coaching call I implemented one idea that, in 24 minutes, produced 4 potential listings and 1 double sided deal. Woohoo! Talk about RESULTS!!


SO MUCH Business is out there in FRONT of YOU if you ONLY KNEW HOW TO SEE IT! Nice part with GenGen is you really don’t even have to ask for it! This is how the legendary “old timers” did business! Thank you, GenGen!


Coaching with Michael has been a very valuable tool to help grow and focus my business practices. With coaching, you get out of it what you put into it and Michael has done a great job of giving me feedback and helping me focus in on practices and methods to grow my business. I also like that his approach is based on healthy and sustainable growth with an emphasis on the whole person not just based on financial goals.


In my first 12 months of real estate, I made $2,300. After working with Michael and making small, yet significant, changes to my models and systems, I closed $1.3 million six weeks into my second year in business. Michael took the best of my skill set and helped me put the polish on it!


Ten years selling Real Estate and I made more money than the previous year every single year. 18 months ago I started coaching with Michael Maher. I DOUBLED my NET income last year and took more time off than ever before.

Pete & Terri

Michael has been an instrumental part of our personal and professional growth over the past 18 months. His energy, passion and compassion is inspiring.  As Michael says, “Do It Now.”  These three simple words are now our daily focus.

Your 15 Minutes to Prosperity Schedule Your Complimentary Strategy Call Today
Your 15 Minutes to Prosperity Schedule Your Complimentary Strategy Call Today



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