Impossible=I’m Possible

You may think a situation is impossible, a person is impossible to deal with, or a goal too high.

Remember the word itself says I’m Possible.


A simple apostrophe and space changes everything and that is so true in life.
A pause and a small tweak in thought and what was impossible becomes I’m Possible.
The situation, the person, the goal won’t change until you do.


As we talked about last time, what are some of your resolutions to get to where you want to be? What will make your impossible, possible?

For hundreds of people that we work with, that was holding themselves accountable and getting a coach. When you invest your hard-earned money, invest in yourself, invest in your business…you are going to get the most of it as possible.

Who was holding you accountable in college? Right.

What you track your progress you are going to fall in love with the results and see just how far you’ve come.

One of our members said “The most valuable part of CATALYST* is having a plan to follow. One that is kind to people and retains your friends and family. Puts the needs of the client first, and business will follow-not an ego driven system.”


What’s another way to make the impossible possible?

Create possibilities. Make the call. Write that thank you note. Say hello to that new person at the networking group.

Ask better questions. You’ve probably heard ‘Ask better questions, get better results.’ Ask yourself ‘What is my WHY?’ Is that strong enough to drive you to succeed? Ask your clients more questions on a dream home to see what they truly want in a dream home. Add in those personal questions to dive deeper and create an outstanding experience.

Our CATALYST* Tara Carter  Found out that her clients were unable to put up a Christmas tree while moving from their home so she went out to buy a tree with presents and have them ready to go in the new home so the family could still celebrate. She made their ‘impossible’ possible.

Now, do you think they will appreciate that? Do you think that makes them her ‘Oprah’? Do you think that she would get some referrals from that?


If you don’t have a word for 2018 let’s make it Possible. Tell us how you make the Impossible, I’m Possible.





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