The Three Sales Cycles, Part 2 of 3: Referral Cycle

What is free but will pay you big time?

What says more about you than you’d ever say about yourself?




Part Two of The Three Sales Cycles is The Referral Cycle…

A simple, powerful business model. Get your team to memorize the impact this has. Those who learn this have seen


Referrals lead to Truthtelling (Under-Promise).

The key is in the under-promising, not in the over-delivering.


Truthtelling leads to a Exceeding Expectations (WOW! service & Over-Deliver).

You help no one by acting small or playing safe. Do more, worry less, listen more, talk less.


WOW! Service leads to more Referrals.

Everything you want is already out there. The money you seek is right there. By making more of it, you are not taking away a cent from anyone else. What you focus on, you receive.

Are you focusing on how everything could (very minimally if at all) fail or how your great service leads to all these referrals? Hmmmm…..


Get on the Referral Cycle today! Do Generosity Generation instead of Lead Generation.

Here’s an interview I did on The Three Sales Cycles to break this all down with examples.







Who, like you, needs to be a Certified Referral Trainer?

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