Stranger Danger!

Stranger Danger!

Mom told me not to talk to strangers so I’m not going to.

Rather than chasing strangers, we’re utilizing friends.


Yesterday was our first CATALYST* coaching call and we learned about a specific call to make that boosts your referrals immediately.

But I have nothing to talk to them about…

WRONG. There are opportunities all around you all the time. Just pick one. I’ll get you started.

  1. Right now you can ask them about what events you would like to attend…then which friend would they like to bring as a guest?
  2. Who do YOU know that KNOWS SOMEONE who is new to your area? Embrace and welcome them to the community. A new buyer, seller, neighbor or business. Welcome them and let them know you’re here to help.
  3. Pick someone you know, like and trust. Introduce them to someone else you know, like and trust.

It really is that simple!


When you introduce your connections it forms the third side of that triangle because they are borrowing on your mutual trust. Rather than marketing to strangers you are communicating with current clients, key contacts, and referral partners. There is tremendous power in this concept.


Grow inside out vs outside in. It’s about who you know, who knows you, and who knows the people you know. Remember the Triangle of Trust.

I really want to hear how this goes for you. Please tell me in the comments below.





PS: Get more examples of the Triangle of Trust on pages 93-94, 95-98 in (7L).

PPS: Ready to implement the Triangle of Trust right now!? Leave a review here or share it with your friends here. Great way to network and help others.

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