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“Listen, it’s not skydiving. JUMP!”

What is the difference between an average producer and a Super Producer?

Each and every average producer and each and every Super Producer has a cemetery of unimplemented ideas. The difference is SuperProducers have a nursery for new ideas to get implemented.

There is a process or place, perhaps both, where they take new ideas from conception to reality.

It is a “Do It Now” philosophy (get what you can done now and move on), a journal or Blessings Book, accountability person (a coach, partner, children, assistant), or more elaborate and deliberate processes for implementation. Whatever the case, the key is implementation.

Henry Ford made millions with Kingsford Charcoal, a byproduct using the scraps from manufacturing cars. He never would have discovered charcoal if he hadn’t implemented the car. AND if the car didn’t work out, he would still have made a fortune on charcoal. Ideas are like that when implemented. Rarely does the result look like what we imagined in the beginning and the byproducts produced can sometimes be as valuable as what we produce. The process of implementing teaches us something and the residue from the ideas long forgotten are used in the future.

What is your System for Implementation?

That’s why I am such a fan of Training. Training is a class, seminar, or short- term commitment on a specific subject. Unlike most coaching programs, there is a process, a flow, a goal, a specific thing to be implemented, and the time and place to implement.

I love learning and reading. I know you do too. But even more than learning and reading, I love making an impact, making a difference, and positively changing the lives of others. That takes implementation, that takes a process and a place for getting things done.

An average producer reads a book.

A SuperProducer writes a book.

An average producer reads an email.

A SuperProducer writes an email.

An average producer waits for the phone to ring.

A Super Producer has calls scheduled.

An average producer attends an event.

A Super Producer hosts an experience.

An average producer looks for Clients.

A Super Producer finds Referral Sources.

An average producer waits for things to happen to him or her all day. (reactive)

A Super Producer is 100% in control of his or her time and has blocked events scheduled during their day. (Proactive)

An average producer stops at first pain, obstacle, challenge, or conflict.

A Super Producer gets an idea in their head and they never, ever quit until it’s solved or proven to not work (on to next prototype!)

An average producer asks Questions of Avoidance – questions you are asking instead of just doing it. Listen, it’s not skydiving, JUMP!

A Super Producer asks Questions of Mastery. Questions to hone and improve what they’ve implemented.

An average producer reads a WOW!

A Super Producer shares a WOW!


Your Coach – Michael


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