Are YOU Referable?

Hello Ambassadors!

Hope you are having a wonderful week! Was thinking about you this weekend and this thought came across my mind…

Are you refer-able? Are you the type of person and business that has earned this distinction?

There are three factors in achieving refer-ability.

They are: Character, Competence, and Communication

Character = doing the right thing.

If you are honest, treat people well, and do what you say you are going to do, you pass the Character test. People subconsciously or unconsciously grade you on this every step of the relationship with you. One misstep and you can burn years of relationship building. Do the right thing. The single best way to establish trust when it comes to character is to underpromise and overdeliver – with even the simplest things like promising to call them at noon the next day… and simply calling at 11 a.m.

Competence = doing things right.

If you become an expert at what you do, if you understand the nuances of your profession, if you know how to use the tools of your practice, you become more respectable and they’ll trust that the people they send you will not get into trouble. Do what you do well. Do things right. Have checklists and systems. Get help when you need it. The single fastest way to establish trust when it comes to competence is to answer their questions with: “We have a system for that.”

Communication = saying the right things about doing the right thing and doing things right.

You may have character. And still not get referrals. They like you, perhaps even trust you, but they would never refer you. You may have competence. And still not get referrals. They respect you – and the way you play the game, but they would never refer you because they don’t like you, you are unapproachable, or many can play the game as well as you do. The third factor is the differentiator. Communication. You need to communicate in a way that 1) shows your character, 2) shows your competence, and 3) shows that referrals are important to you. The single fastest way to establish trust when it comes to communication is Success Stories (see (7L) for more on the 7 Steps to a Successful Success Story and how to use these). I call Success Stories, the Swiss Army Knife of Marketing because they can be used in so many ways.

Character, Competence, and Communication. Execute on all three and earn referrals.


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