Referrals Magazine: The First Issue

The First Issue

The First Issue. This issue is all about firsts. Great stories about receiving first referrals, throwing appreciation events, making a great first impression — even a great story about me running my first marathon. There are lessons to be learned from all of these firsts! But the No. 1 thing I hope that everyone who reads this issue takes away is to just do it. Make that incredible first impression (and don’t feel bad for it). Throw that first client–appre-ciation event. Run that first marathon. Just do it. It won’t be perfect, but you will have made real progress — and the next time you can implement at a higher level. So go for it, Ambassadors!

In This Issue:

Referrals Roundtable
My First Referral

Implement the Seven Levels of
Communication (7L)
Start with your database
by Michael J. Maher

A Modern-Day Dale Carnegie
by Stacey Alcorn

Be Referable
Dress for Success

Beat the Bridge (Part 1)
By Michael Hauge

My First Appreciation Event
CATALYST member Brad Cary shares his experience
By Brad Cary with O’Beria Seats

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