We all love a giver. We like to receive from them. We like to be around them. And deep down, we want to be like them. Needless to say, their energy is contagious. After you’ve encountered a giver, the next thing you know you’re donating clothes to the Salvation Army, participating in canned-foods drives, or becoming a mentor.


Toril Schoepfer, owner of Toril Sells Houses Team in Sumner, Washington, has one of those gigantic hearts that resembles a reservoir, where monetary donations are stored and eventually dispersed out to the community when needed.


Primarily serving the Puget Sound area, Toril and her team are considered Your Best Friends in Real Estate. “We focus on relationship-building. Our mission is to help people, make friends, have fun, make money and give back,” Toril said about her slogan in action.


And giving back is an understatement when it comes to this team’s efforts.  In fact, Toril Sells Houses Team is the first give-back real estate company in its marketplace with a system like theirs. We’re not talking about ordinary fundraisers here.  But this is giving on another level.


Giving is a Calling

Toril believes we should always try to take advantage of opportunities to give. Giving, for Toril, feels more like her life’s purpose and fits well with her personality.


She knows in her heart she was called to do more than just sell houses.  Toril recalls an important point in Michael J.  Maher’s book, the (7L) Seven Levels of  Communication, “Michael talks about starting with the end in mind, and what would you want on your tombstone later in life. I wouldn’t want mine to read Toril’s team sold houses or sold a bunch of dirt. But instead [it should read] through helping people buy, sell and invest, we truly made a difference in our community.”


Toril explains that she’s never been the clenched-fist type when it comes to giving, and uses the analogy of the open hand. “If your hands are open, money (or whatever goal) is going to come in. And guess what? It’s going to go out, too. But if you have a clenched fist, nothing can get out. And absolutely nothing can get in either.”


Toril doesn’t believe in settling when it comes to giving.  Why give less when you are more than capable of giving more? Toril knew without a doubt her and her team could do better.  So they launched the Give Back Big Mission in January 2018, where 10 percent of net commissions would be donated to charities. Agents were expected to give 5 percent, while the office planned to give the remaining 5 percent. The give back amount was set for $75,000 for the year, which would come from$3 million in combined commission income as a team.


However, Toril was worried team members would not want to give their 5 percent portion, and was afraid of losing them. “[Theoretically] I’m asking them to take from their families and give to a charity,” she said.  But Toril discovered that the hearts of her team members were just as big as hers….

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Your Coach-Michael


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