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If anyone can use the power of visualization to drastically transform their life, this woman sure can. Coined as a Visionary Queen, Lucinda Cross created tangible pictures of her goals through the use of visual aids in hopes of reshaping her future. She then made those goals a reality by activating a plan.

Life was not always a bed of roses for Cross. Her success came with a lot of pain. Making bad choices as a young adult could have cost her everything. However, Cross had her “come to Jesus moment” after she was thrown into prison for 4 ½ years on drug trafficking charges.

But life did not stop for her there. Fast-forward years later, and she is now a CEO, a best-selling author, international motivational speaker and sought after business coach.

Cross has made guest appearances on NBC’s Today Show, Dr. Oz, CNN, and reality T.V. series Queen Boss among others. In addition, she has been featured in Essence Magazine, the New York Times, and was even a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award given to her by former President Barak Obama.

Her corporate empire, Activate Worldwide and Activate Your Vision™, offers business coaching, training, vision kits and other inspirational services. And she makes it her business to help other entrepreneurs reach their fullest potential possible. “I help women become a marketable brand. I help them package their message, products and services so they can market it out to the masses,” Cross said.

Start with a Vision Board

So why bother with taking the time to create a vision board? Who wants to go hunt for magazine clippings, pictures, and deal with sticky tape and messy glue? According to Cross, it’s well worth it.

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