Each One, Teach One

Hey Ambassadors!

Robert Smith said “Whatever drives us, we all derive happiness from finding purpose.”

People find their purpose and passion in many different forms. For me, one of those is teaching the (7L) system. Seeing an entrepreneur’s AHA! moment while speaking or hearing how our CATALYST*s are getting numerous referrals…that’s the good stuff.

And I want to share that feeling.

In walks Each One, Teach One…

Follow along with me on page 129 in (7L).

You are not ‘done’ because you signed up for a newsletter.

You are not ‘done’ because you completed #30Mornings or Accelerate.

Your work is just beginning. Because you’re ready. Because you’re actually doing it!

Of everything you’ve learned, what would you be most excited to teach someone right now?

Are you passionate about spreading the love, wealth and happiness?

Do you aim to pull up another, reach out to another, boost another, to help another colleague, professional, or partner to achieve success?

In The Generosity Generation, we have Four Principles.

One of those is Each One, Teach One.

Take what you’ve learned and share your wisdom with another.

Teach another. As you know, when one teaches, two learn.

As I read once, “I will help you up the ladder of your success, I will not drag you.”

Each Day, Day One.

Each One, Reach One

Each One, Love One

Each One, Teach One.

“It is our duty as lifelong learners to ALSO be lifelong teachers.”

– Michael J. Maher


Your Coach – Michael


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