Can a Morning Ritual Save Your Marriage?!?

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They say husbands and wives make the best business partners. And it makes sense. Being in a business partnership mirrors many aspects that a healthy marriage upholds including respect, trust and passion.

Newly married couple and business collaboration duo Tony and Jennifer Scarpero are living proof that building a business platform is as challenging and rewarding as sustaining a strong, loving relationship.

The couple, residing in Atlanta, GA, hosts an online, live webinar for real estate and mortgage professionals looking to regain control of their days by simply waking up earlier to set themselves up for a level of success they didn’t know was possible.

Labeled the #30Mornings Challenge, the pair tells us this class is all about personal integrity and accountability —owning your morning ritual through gratitude or affirmations so you are able to take your personal and professional achievements to the next level, and ultimately, gain clarity on life’s bigger picture.

How #30Mornings Began

The #30Mornings Challenge was created by bestselling author Michael J. Maher. After writing The Seven Levels of Communication (7L) and The Miracle Morning For Real Estate Agents, Michael found professionals wanting more out of their businesses, and their lives in general. Witnessing the struggles that real estate agents, brokers and lenders face firsthand like adhering to near impossible client demands and keeping up with hectic schedules, Michael knew business owners and people in sales would benefit from a class like #30Mornings.

Implementing the strategies and best practices of high achievers, Michael taught the class himself, where he noticed two standout students, Tony and Jenn. Distinguishing themselves from the pack, Michael could tell these two understood the encircling concept and wanted to make a difference in their lives, so after training to become certified in teaching the course, the couple began their new journey as #30Mornings role models.

Leading By Example

What inspired this proactive couple to take (and teach) the #30Mornings course? They were dealing with a huge life change –a new baby — and felt like hamsters on a spinning wheel as their days were dictated by a crying newborn’s needs with no real schedule or set routine to keep things in order. On top of that, Tony was in a job he hated, so the pressure from both a professional and personal standpoint had been building.

“We were living from a place of survival, a ‘this is what I have to do,’ standpoint, and it was hard,” Jenn said of the couple’s new life as parents.

With a lack of focus on how to get a grasp on what seemed uncontrollable, the couple asked themselves, “How can we make this better?” When they realized their desperate feelings of frustration and disorder had stemmed from not getting out of bed until they heard their crying baby, Jenn urged Tony to try this #30Mornings Challenge class out to see if it could help.

It did. Since consistently taking part in the #30Mornings Challenge, both Tony and Jenn have seen their lives improve in almost every area including their marriage, their careers and their now positive outlook on life.

“It’s a new energy level,” Jenn said of taking and teaching the course. “Filling your days with what you want and what you choose forces you to think about exactly what you want your life to look like.”

“Coming from a place of fear [about my job], I have much more vision of family and lifestyle, more clarity,” Tony said. “The visualization and affirmations in particular have made a tremendous difference in my mindset and how things unravel.”…


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