Referrals Magazine: The Ultimate Morning Ritual Issue

In our Ultimate Morning Ritual Issue, we build off the work Hal Elrod and I outlined in The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents.

The Ultimate Morning Ritual Issue

You already have a morning ritual. You get up and do things in a similar way each morning. Are you open to adding one small thing that may change your life significantly? We aren’t suggesting you change your whole routine. Just read through the articles and choose one.
In our Ultimate Morning Ritual Issue, we build off the work Hal Elrod and I outlined in The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents. We organized this issue using that same S.A.A.V.E.R.S. acronym. Dawn Rae, a #30Mornings graduate (a 30-day challenge course) and CATALYST* member who mastered Silence during her #30Mornings journey shares her powerful story. For Affirmations and Appreciations, I disclose how simple words can quickly change your life. In V for Visualization, Lucinda Cross describes how she went from the federal penitentiary to bestselling author, speaker, and CEO all by activating a Vision. For Exercise fitness coach Krystal Nielson, a Bachelor contestant shares the power of morning exercise. For Reading, we asked our readers what they have been perusing. For S for Scribing or Scribbling, you will learn from Benjamin Hardy, author of the bestselling book Willpower Doesn’t Work how journaling daily can change your life.
I remember hearing the story of how John Grisham wrote his first book in the morning before he headed to his “day job” and in doing so he created an entire new genre of book, the legal thriller. What if Grisham hadn’t tweaked his morning? What if I didn’t? What if you don’t?
In this issue, we have gone to the experts and brought you the best tactics, tips and tricks on how to master your mornings. If it leaves you wanting more, the good news is that a #30Mornings course is starting soon taught by Certified Mornings Coaches Tony and Jenn Scarpero, who are featured in our cover story. Learn more at

In This Issue:

A Message From Michael
Change Your Morning — Change Your LIfe!

Referrals Round Table
Books for Breakthroughs

The Power of Silence
featuring Dawn Rae

30–Day Challenge: Two Simple Ways to Improve Everything & Achieve Anything!
The Power of Affirmations & Appreciations
by Michael Maher

Can a Morning Ritual Change Your Marriage?
featuring Tony and Jenn Scarpero

Be Referable
The Power of Journaling
by Benjamin Hardy

The Power of Visualization
featuring Lucinda Cross

Changing the World, One Person and One Morning at a Time
by Hal Elrod, author of Miracle Morning

The Power of Exercise
featuring Krystal Nielson, star of Bachelor in Paradise

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