Hey Ambassadors!

I hope that you are having a great week so far. Today, I want to touch on systems…

“We have a system for that.”

Imagine a client asking any question…

“What do you do for marketing?”

“What do you do for online promotion?”

“Will we hear from you?”

And you always answer:

“We have a system for that.”

What would the client think about you, your team, and your business?

My definition of a business is “a system of systems.” When we tell a client we have a system for every question they ask, we are telling them that we are professionals who have anticipated the highs and lows of what they will experience. They relax. We go to work.

And when we work, we do it better. Because we have a system. Those who have seen me speak have heard my acronym for SYSTEM.





Energy &


And I also say that SYSTEMS are CRAP. Of course, in this case CRAP is an acronym as well!

Systems are… Consistent.

Standards. The #1 thing most business owners want is consistency. Systems allow everyone, including the owner, to do things the same way in the same manner over and over again. When an activity produces results, we can reproduce the activity. When a problem arises, we can enter ways to avoid it every other time. We have high standards. The way to produce those standards consistently across a company is systems.

Systems are… Repeatable

Leverage. I know YOU know how to ask the right question when a potential client calls, but does your entire team know how to ask the right question when a potential client calls? With an intake questionnaire, they – and by “they” I mean ANYBODY – can ask the same powerful questions you know to ask. This allows you to NOT be on those calls and off doing something more productive.

Systems are… Automatic.

Next! What’s the next step? With a system, you or a team member immediately know the next step. With knowing the next step, what do we do? We act. We act faster. We act more confidently. We act with faith that what we are doing is the right thing. Without a system, it is slower. It is chaos every time. With a system, good things happen automatically.

Systems are… Proactive.

Attractive. Proactive is just an abbreviation. It is short for PROfessionally attrACTIVE. Okay, I just made that up, but if you want to be more professionally attractive, then you want to be proactive. A system allows you and your team to anticipate any issues that may come down the road. Want more referrals? Be more professionally attractive. Want to be more professional attractive? Be proactive. Want to be more proactive? Create a system.

At your next appointment, go in with the plan to answer every question with “we have a system for that” and if you don’t have one, make sure you have one by the end of the day.

Any questions?

If so, we have a system for that!

Have a wonderful week!


Your Coach – Michael


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