The Vital One

Hey Ambassadors!

Hope you are having a busy, productive, and profitable week!

Today I want to focus on what may cause a one degree shift in how you look at things.

We need to increase the value of a few and decrease the value of the many. What I mean by that is too much energy and emphasis is put on getting A LOT OF LEADS. Do you really need a lot of leads where you waste your time, energy, effort and money chasing ghosts?


Quit chasing ghosts.

Start attracting goats.

Actually GOATs. GOAT has been used with Jerry Rice, Michael Jackson, the Beetles, and most recently with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. It means Greatest Of All Time.

We need to understand the importance of the individual – the one – to our business. One person can make a profound difference. What if one person referred you 20-30 Referrals in the next 12 months? Would it make a difference to you and your business?


The problem is that we don’t know who it is. But what if we approached everyone we met in the next 30 days (or maybe even just today) as if they were our GOAT – the greatest Referral Source of all time?

How would you greet them?

How would you treat them?

How would you converse with them?

How would you follow through and follow up with them?

And I have a secret to share with you: it is uncanny how often this happens. Because you are reading this now, you are most likely going to meet the greatest referral source of all time – An Ambassador! – in the next 30 days. Are you ready? Are your systems ready? Is your mindset ready? Is your message ready? Is your schedule ready? Is your network ready? Is your strategy ready? What if you built your day, your week, your month, and your year around meeting The One. The GOAT. What if instead of adding 250+ to your database (worthless many) you focused on adding 50 (vital few) – one per week – Ambassadors?

Forget the Worthless Mass. Focus on the Vital Few.

The world needs you. The world isn’t waiting though. Take action today.


Your Coach – Michael


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