Positive Press vs. Negative News

{WALL FEED is a good name, Facebook}

Do you keep finding the “negative news” or are you the minority who can find the “positive press”?

There are just people who can find the negative in every instance and there are the people who see the positive in everything. Things are going to happen.


If you see the negative, it will lead to poverty, depression, and loneliness.

If you see the positive – you see opportunity in every instance! You will be drawn towards happiness, wealth, and relationships.


Nobody wants to hang with, do business with, or refer Negative Nelly, Debbie Downer, or Chris the Curmudgeon. Nobody wants to be in the Company of Complainers.

I can tell from your Facebook Wall Feed everything there is to know.

What you feed your Wall Feed is what you feed your mind.



Are there posts about Trump, global terrorism, global weather events, problems in the world, complaints about companies, bitching, moaning, venting, etc? If so, what does that say about you? And you might say who cares? Let me tell you who cares…
Your Mindset.

What you feed your mind fuels your life. Want a happier, more positive life?
Feed your brain happier, more positive food for thought. One of our CRT‘s pointed this out the other day, “You want to see more love in the world? Put more love out there!”

Look at your last 10 posts, what would YOU think about that person?


In notice of recent events, please be that loving, generous, giving and appreciative light people can see and reach. Unfortunately, we have had to ask ourselves after these horrific events ‘How can we help’ in too many states, too many times…

Our network in South Florida have asked what they can do, especially for the families they have served and neighbors . First, know you and your community are at the forefront of all intentions. We love you. Opportunities will arise for you to provide assistance when the time is right. Turn off the television and do all you can. Share access to grief counselors and professional support. Donate blood, especially O Negative. Donate time or help expenses. Donate money. If you have anything else that will help, please leave it in the comments.





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