Referrals Magazine: The Ultimate Holiday Issue

In this issue you hear from some of the biggest givers I’ve ever known. The thing that you will realize after reading is it’s so much more than giving - there is a science behind it.

The Ultimate Holiday Issue

Blessings indeed… First, let’stake a moment to celebrate the highlights of this year. As a business person, we tend to focus on the problems or planning next year. Right here, right now, I ask you to celebrate your year’s accomplishments AND reflect on WHO made it possible. And please know the who for us is… YOU! Thank YOU! Please indulge me as I celebrate REFERCO’s record-setting year… that YOU made possible.

In This Issue:

Referrals Roundtable
The Best Holiday Party You’ve Ever Attended!

Referral Strategies
Who is your Lighthouse?
… And How to Appreciate Them

The Only Business Plan You’ll Ever Need

The Influential Zone
A Company Driven By Faith, Fueled By Generosity
featuring Don McNaughton

Be Referable
The Seven Steps to Santa Mastery

20 Do’s and Don’ts for Hosting an Awesome Holiday Party

Feed Your Soul
Holiday HOPE
Who you should be checking on during the holidays

Catalyst* Connection
The Great Pie Day Giveaway!

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