The Sales Cycle: Part 3 of 3

“Oh, you have to prospect? How sad…”

This doesn’t have to happen to you, sales people! Learn how to build relationships and how to receive referrals.

The Three Sales Cycles: Part 3 of 3…..Generosity! It’s like the back wheel on a bike.

The Chase Age and Ego Era ARE OVER!

Learn to attract business, learn to love (help) others, learn to receive appreciatively. Get on the Referral Cycle by putting your energy into the Generosity Cycle.

Welcome to the Generosity Generation!

Who have you helped today? How have YOU used your Genuine Generosity today?

Tell us about it in the comments


The Generosity Cycle: A Generous One Shall Be a Prosperous One. Generosity leads to Reciprocity.

Reciprocity leads to Referrals.

Referrals lead to Profitability.

Profitability leads to Prosperity.

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