Merry Christmas from REFERCO!

We published (7L) in 2010.

In 2011 our first GenGen was in Des Moines, Iowa.

In 2012, we started one-on-one coaching.

In 2014 Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents was published and CATALYST* was born! PS: If you’re a current CATALYST* member, stay tuned until the end for a special bonus.

In 2015 we hired Mandy (The Powerhouse) and truly became a ‘team’.

In 2016 we started ACCELERATE and #30Mornings.

In 2017 we added four new team members.


{Here we grow again!}


A few weeks ago we had our Team Advance in Atlanta.

We are blessed to be a team that works passionately around the same values and mission for REFERCO. Although each role looks different, we are still working toward one common goal.

To coach, train and lead business professionals on prospering in a referral based business based on love, generosity and appreciation.


{Here we grow again!}

We recapped not only what we accomplished in 2017 but what we can improve and begin in 2018. We are excited to have hundreds of monthly coaching clients, speak in different states every month and reach thousands more people who want to learn a different way of doing business.

We are kicking off January with our first ever Certified Referral Trainers class. This is a limited, elite event that is sold out. These trainers will be presented at the end of January and be available to coach and train in your office.


{Here we grow again!}

In 2018 we are booking over 30 GenGen events and tours in all new locations (Keep an eye on to see where we are headed!)


{Here we grow again!}

We also have every program and course planned out for you so stay tuned for what is being offered each month for you to invest in yourself.


As always we could not do this without your support, enthusiasm and encouragement. Everything we do is built on ‘Why?’ Why is this important? Why do they need to hear this? Why are we doing this?

Then we open an email with your latest success story.

Ah. THAT’S Why.

Have a fantastic holiday season with your loved ones. Thank you for standing firmly beside us in the Generosity Generation. We are so proud of you.



Merry Christmas,



PS: Let’s do something great next year. If you are a CATALYST* Member, #30Mornings is FREE with your subscription. Please email to get registered.


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