Learning By Doing

Hey Ambassadors!


First, let me say thank you to those who have purchased (7L) books. 100% of the proceeds of books purchased from www.7LSystem.com are going to help relief efforts from Hurricane Harvey.

For those in the path of Hurricane Irma, we are praying for you. Stay safe.


{Learn by Doing}

High achievers, those the press and media laud as successes, leave a path of mistakes, failures, even bankruptcies and foreclosures.


In fact, the mistakes and failures are NECESSARY if there is to be success.

There is no success or failure really, only growth.



You grow by doing.



What are you doing today that stretches your boundaries, that is out of your comfort zone, and that pushes you to grow?

Who are you talking to who CHALLENGES your thinking – makes you defend it, makes you explain it, and makes you dig deeper for clarity?

Today is a day of doing…

Watch it now: The youngest member of the Generosity Generation is taking action! She is learning, doing, growing and you should keep an eye on her.








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