Competition & Compassion

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Hey Ambassadors!

{Wrong person?}

Perhaps you are thinking about the wrong person?


It’s not your competition you should worry about… or even yourself…

It’s your clients and others you know.


Your biggest business challenge ISN’T your competition; it’s your compassion.

How can you SHOW you care a little more to your clients today?



Building customer relationships should be like building any other relationship.

(It could be something as small and inexpensive as a call). Let’s talk about some ideas…


  • Birthdays Instead of just posting on the Wall of a Friend who has a Birthday today, pick up the phone and call them. Did you ever imagine that it would be so easy to differentiate yourself and outpace the competition with something so simple as a phone call? Even better, do your Day Before birthday call that we talk about in the Generosity Generation events.

This is a step up from a text. Perfect way to add content to your 1st and 10! Birthday cards can also knock out   #1 and #2 adding a personal touch.

  •  Notes Handwritten thank-you’s and POWER notes just because, get used to writing notes frequently to show your appreciation. I promise taking the time to do this will make a bigger impact than any competition is doing. It shows true compassion. Want to join our #Notevember challenge?  (Lots of additional tips here.)
  • Catastrophe Plan There are no more powerful calls to a database then to check and make sure they are okay after a storm/catastrophe. My wife, Sheri, invented the Catastrophe Call which for our team and those we teach is simply calling after a hailstorm, tornado, hurricane, etc. and asking what they need.

In the hail storm or tornado cases, it can be something as simple as getting a roofer over fast to see if they might have an insurance claim – and in MANY CASES, it is reminding them to NOT WAIT, to DO IT NOW,when it comes to getting their insurance agent on the phone and making a claim ASAP. Perfect example from a Rockstar CATALYST* member, Tara Carter:

“Some of your Catalyst members like myself are COMPLETELY shut down in business as of today just like many others in Texas. I’m zoning in on helping others now that I’ve helped myself & family first. Spent hours and will spend the next few days calling our clients to see if they need help prepping & know we are here for them after the storm too.
Who knows what will be the outcome after the storm leaves & the sunshine shines down.
The tools instilled in me from Michael J. Maher have really come out to say “HOW CAN I HELP YOU?” More than ever.
If you know of someone that is in Florida, especially South Florida, like myself, feel free to share our list attached of vendors. Happy to help! ?? ?? ?? ??

  • VIDEO CONNECTION Show people who you are and what you are about. Get in front of an Instagram Story, Facebook live or a recorded video sent in an email. Here is an example of how she asked her network “How can I help you?”



Enough from me…I want to hear from you! What do you do to stand apart from your competition? How do you help and show compassion?

Can’t wait to hear.



Blessings, Michael      #YearOfGenerosity

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