What You Should Focus On

In case you’re not joining us from the WOW! Quick recap…

After the last few weeks and the upcoming holiday season I was reminded of this….



The 2 Filters – Does It Really Matter Most?

If so, go to #2



Can You Control It?

If so, focus on it – own it, control it, master it, automate it, systematize it, automate it, leverage it, do it big.

Otherwise, don’t worry about it.  Most things don’t make it through filter 1 and far less make it through filter 2.



{Curb Worry…}

I’m not Superman or even super, man.

I’m just a guy who moves forward each and every day.

Each day is a day of progress. Each day is Day One. Not worrying about yesterday or tomorrow.



I go into it with enthusiasm, with looking at challenges as opportunities, with looking at losses as lessons, and with looking at failures as growth.

Many ask how they can achieve some of the successes, even as humble as they are, that I have been blessed to have achieved.



The answer is keep going, day by day, progress not perfection. Don’t worry about the money. Do the right thin, the things that matter, focusing on the PEOPLE that matter and the money will come.

The Tortoise ALWAYS beats the Hare. (The Maher beats the Hare? I love to rhyme).



You may not be where you want to be and you may have a past that would make most cringe and you may not have all the resources you think you need… keep going.

You can’t stop me if I just keep going.



It’s not the guy coming out with fists-a-fury that you have to worry about… it’s the guy who will never quit, never stop, never stay down.


Keep going, keep swinging, keep your head up. You may not be Superman, but you CAN achieve your dreams.



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