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(7L) The Seven Levels of Communication

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Go from Relationships to Referrals: #1 International Bestselling book tells a love story even a guy could read. Maher created the Power Parable genre and this is the book that started the trend. Go from the Ego Era to winning in the Generosity Generation with 100s of referral-generating ideas.

2 reviews for (7L) The Seven Levels of Communication

7L, The Seven Levels of Communication could easily be called the Bible of relationship selling. It is told in an essy to ready story format of the interaction of a down on his luck realtor, named Rick. We progress thru trials and tribulations as Rick learns the benefits of relationship selling. Rick grows as does his business once he understands the concept of generosity.

Real estate agents and mortgage professionals can learn so much from this. It makes the real estate transaction itself a foregone conclusion with this approach. The author, Michael Maher wdlks you through building a referral based business by using the “simple” concept of helping others get what they want. It was written for the real estate industry which is Michael’s expertise. However, don’t be fooled. Michael’s philosophy of helping others realize success crosses all industries but more importantly life as well. 7L is an easy and must read for all those hoping to advance their sales careers.

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What a message! And in a wonderful format. Great read. Only one problem. When I finished reading it I had to go back to pull out all the wisdom between the lines.
Then I found Miracle Morning for Real Rstate Agents, a dynamic action piece that extends 7L.
These are the cornerstone of my transformed approach to business and my life. To anyone reading this: don’t miss these spectacular messages.

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