Worth Reading. Worth Repeating. Who are you? What are you doing?

“WOW does it feel GREAT. I have my YAP events all lined up for 2018. I spent a ton of time yesterday and today on the phone to my TOP PEEPS and asked their opinion of times, places, etc. and almost couldn’t get them off the phone. They LOVED that I called and cared enough to get their thoughts. I have 5 YAPs lined up. Feb 10th for the Love You A Latte, March 22nd for appetizers and drinks at MY version of the EVT, June 14th at an amazing Irish Pub. Sept 6th Happy Hour at a local brew house and December 1 at Panera Bread Company for coffees and pastries. LOVE THESE SYSTEMS!” Tim Kister

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This is for those trying to explain to others who they are, what it is that they do and why they do it.


What we teach is the (7L) System.
Who we attract are CATALYST*s who become leaders in the Generosity Generation.


There are three guiding principles for the Generosity Generation: #GiveFirst, #GiveThanks #GiveBack.


We give first daily. We believe in giving massive value first by practicing proactive acts of generosity.

We give thanks daily. We believe every day is a gift and we are appreciative of everything and everyone who comes into our life. We understand the power of what we appreciate appreciates. ​ ​Whatever we want more of in life, we need to express our appreciation for what we already have of that which we want more.

We give back daily. We help those in need and those who may never have the opportunity to repay us. We partner with charities and non-profits every chance we get.

We teach a business philosophy based on love, generosity, and appreciation.


LOVE is the superpower that drives our daily lives. However, love is often underutilized as a superpower. It’s a potential energy. We need to put that love into action.

This is GENEROSITY. Generosity is Love in Action. We need to give massive value first at every opportunity. It is our proactive control of our lives. There are also things and people that happen to us in our life of which we had no control.

This is APPRECIATION. ​Appreciation is Love in Reaction. We will react with love to all people, places, and things in our life and appreciate those people, places, and things for how they’ve helped us grow, learn, and experience life. We express our appreciation daily. In writing, in speaking, in reviews, in success stories, in events…



Amee Sas, AllStar CATALYST*, shares her appreciation and 2018 event schedule with our CATALYST* group. She implements and others share their encouragements for her taking action.



We live in a constant state of being LOVING, being GENEROUS, and being APPRECIATIVE.

Like inhaling and exhaling are two sides of the same coin -breathing, Giving and Receiving are two sides of the same coin. Giving Generously and Receiving Appreciatively are two sides of the same coin – the Love Coin.


Be Love. Do Generosity. Have Prosperity.


Proverbs 11:25: “One who is generous shall be prosperous. One who refreshes others shall be refreshed.”


Your Coach,




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