Holy Grail of 3-3-3


The holy grail and highly requested 3-3-3. This is one of the highest referral-generating strategies of the (7L) system. Here’s how it goes.



333 is doing 3 things over 3 days that take no more than 3 minutes to welcome your newest connection with super high touches.

  1. Let’s take an example. First day, first touch. You’re leaving a meeting. Shoot a text to person you just met. Say something like “Thanks so much for your time. I’m so honored to be considered for your ___ needs. Name. Cell Number.” They can save you as a contact from there.
  2. Second day, second touch. Leave a voicemail (the SlyDial app is a great tool to go automatically to their voicemail.) Similar to your text script, leave your message.
  3. Third day, third touch. Drumroll please…..a handwritten note (Watch this on how to write a Power Note.) End the note with “Just know if you need me I am here to help. PS: You can catch me at PHONE NUMBER.” Mail it out today so they get this on day 4.



Where else can you use this? ANYWHERE!

If you’re leaving a listing appointment. Pull around the corner, add them in your cell and then shoot a text. Follow through with steps 2 and 3.

It’s a great way to follow up with other professionals after a networking event.

Anywhere, anytime anyone.


It’s all about the follow up. How many people that they’ve met with are doing this for them? Stand out so you can help out.





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